We offer professional college planning services to families and financial advisors. We charge a fee for our services. We do not sell financial or insurance products. Our approach to college planning integrates college selection, financial aid, tax aid and personal finance. We also license college planning software to financial advisors. Our software and services help families determine their best strategy to pay for college and save for retirement.

Our software and services help answer the two biggest questions that parents have about college:

  1. Where might our child be able to Get Into College and Get Aid™?
  2. And what is our best strategy to pay for college and save for retirement?

Meet Stratagee CEO, Troy Onink

Stratagee CEO, Troy Onink, is a nationally-known authority on college planning. He consults with families and financial advisors on the best ways to reduce the high cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible through financial aid, tax strategies and each family’s personal resources. A sought after speaker and writer, he has given over 350 conference presentations in the past ten years. Troy writes a widely followed blog for Forbes called College Crossroads and a column about College Planning for Investment News As a pioneer of the very specialized field of college planning, Financial-Planning named Troy as one of the Influencers in the financial planning profession. In 2006 he co-founded Stratagee with a team of experts in related areas, and the firm's college admissions and planning services are utilized by families nationwide. Stratagee also creates software for advisors that Financial Advisor calls "Best In Class."

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Troy has been featured by:

College InSource Partner Program

Introducing the new College InSource Partner Program allowing financial advisors to partner with Troy Onink in offering a consultative college planning service focused on delivering each client’s best strategy to pay for college while preserving assets and income for retirement.

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One Hour with the Expert

A 1 hour college planning consultation for families with Troy Onink for $450. We'll combine college admissions, financial aid, tax planning and personal finance to identify Your Best Strategy® to reduce the cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible.

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SmartSearch is our flagship college planning software used by financial advisors to optimize college affordability for their clients. SmartSearch can:

  • Simplify the college planning process
  • Navigate to colleges based on Admissibility and Affordability
  • Find your best value for college
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